Frame marquees

The UK's most popular marquee

Perfect for all weddings, the frame marquee is extremely versatile. The internal & external space can be modified to suit your wedding theme, no matter how unique it is.

Traditional pole marquees

The quintessential British wedding marquee

Traditional marquees boast high ceilings and elegant curves

The wooden central support poles push the canopy high into the air creating a tremendous amount of open space inside the marquee.

Capri & trapeze marquees

Quirky structures for alternative events

These modern structures are quick to erect and easy to decorate. They are extremely popular for summer weddings. They do not require guy ropes and their sides are easy to take on and off.


The iconic cone shape tipis are the most popular alternative wedding marquee in the UK.

Tipis can be hired all year round for small and large events.

Tipis stay warm in the winter & cool in the summer. The Scandinavian design offers a alternative look to the classic style marquee.

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Sailcloth tents

Modern adaptation on the traditional pole marquee

Stylish & sophisticated

Sailcloth tents are modern structures perfect for both rustic & formal weddings & events.

Stretch tents

Originating from the warm climates of South Africa.

Perfect for intimate & large events

Stretch tents are designed to give you maximum exposure to the outdoors. The adaptive designs allow stretch tents to be erected at awkward sites.


Petal traditional marquees

Mughal marquees

Based on ancient royal Indian design

Have your own royal wedding

The modern version of the Mughal is an extremely luxurious marquee which is perfect for year-round weddings.

Dome marquees

Big tops & circus tents

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