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Guide to marquee hire

Tim at marquee bookings was a pleasure to deal with and always responded quickly to any questions I had. Tim was very informative and so far there isn’t anything I can fault about using marquee bookings.

Marquee types.

Marquee Bookings has the UK’s largest collection of marquees. We can provide a large number of different marquees, each is suited for different occasions. Learn more about each marquee type on this page by clicking on the marquee you are interested in.





Frame Marquees

The UK’s most popular marquee choice. The modern design removes guide ropes and internal poles, meaning these tents have the maximum internal space and can be erected on almost any surface.

What makes a frame marquee:

  • No central poles:¬†A clear, uninterrupted space inside the marquee. Maximum use of space and no obstacles to impede speeches.
  • All year hire:¬†Frame marquees have been designed to handle stronger winters winds.
  • Fire safety:¬†Frame marquees are manufactured to fire safety standards.
  • Decoration: Frame marquees are decorated with a lining that drapes across the ceiling and walls.
  • Prices : Click here for Frame Marquee price
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Frame Marquee Sizes



Traditional Marquees

The UK’s original canvas marquee. Traditional marquees are renowned¬†for their romantic design, curved lines, central poles and guide ropes.

What makes a traditional marquee:

  • Central poles:¬†The marquee is supported by central poles. The central pole is perfect for decorating with bunting, lighting flowers and ribbon.
  • Supporting guide ropes:¬†Traditional marquees require an extra 5ft of space around the outside of the marquee for the supporting guide ropes.
  • Fire safety:¬†Frame marquees are¬†manufactured¬†to industry fire safety standards.
  • Rustic: Traditional marquees are the original British summertime country wedding marquee.
  • Prices : Click here for Traditional Marquee prices
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Traditional Marquee Sizes




Extremely popular wedding and festival option. Tipis are striking structures designed to impress your guests.

What makes a tipi:

  • Central poles:¬†The tipi is built around internal wooden poles and beams, this makes it easy to decorate.
  • Link together:¬†Tipis can be joined together to create tipi sizes for the largest festival or wedding.
  • Fire safety:¬†Tipis are¬†manufactured¬†to industry fire safety standards.
  • Furnishing: 100s of extra furnishing options including log fires, oaks doors, wooden benches and much more.
  • Prices : Click here for Tipi prices
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Tipi Sizes



Capri / Trapeze Marquees

Extremely popular party and small wedding marquee option. The  Capri / Trapeze boasts a funk design.

What makes a Capri / Trapeze marquee:

  • Fast Rig:¬†Capri and trapeze marquee are quick to put up.
  • Link together:¬†Capri & trapeze marquees can be linked together to form larger structures.
  • Fire safety: Capri & Trapeze marquees¬†are¬†manufactured¬†to industry fire safety standards.
  • Garden Parties: Capri & Trapeze marquees make great garden party marquees.
  • Prices: Click here for Capri / Trapeze prices
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Capri / Trapeze Sizes



Stretch Tents

Originating from South Africa, Stretch Tents are a modern, flexible, strong and waterproof. A great bar tent or chill out festival tent. 

What makes a Stretch Tent:

  • Installation anywhere:¬†Stretch tents can be¬†fixed¬†to almost any surface and can be installed in awkward sites. ¬†
  • Weatherproof:¬†Its very easy to bring the sides down and the stretch material is waterproof.
  • Fire safety: Stretch marquees¬†are¬†manufactured¬†to industry fire safety standards.
  • Festivals & Cocktail Parties: Stretch Tents are the perfect choice for funky events, including rooftop parties in the city.
  • Prices: Click here for Stretch Tent prices
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Stretch Tent Sizes



Big Tops

Big, bold and colourful Big Top Tents. Perfect for large events including; festivals, outdoor cinemas and festival weddings.

What makes a Big Top:

  • Colour:¬†Big Tops are renowned for their¬†colourfully striped sides. ¬†
  • Capacity:¬†Big tops can cater for guests numbers from 80 to 8000.
  • Lighting: Big Top marquees need more lighting than normal marquees as the walls and ceilings are a thick plastic.
  • Festivals: Big Top Marquees are the choice for festivals and festival weddings.
  • Prices : Click here for Big Top prices
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Big Top Sizes



Arabian Tents

Passionate Internal decor, rich in colour and favour. Perfect for a truly unique event.

What makes an Arabian Tent:

  • Decor: Hand sew the lining in a variety of vibrant styles. ¬†
  • Unique:¬†Only a limited¬†number of Arabian Tents in the UK.
  • Furnishing: Think silk¬†cushions, glass¬†Moroccan lanterns, ornament bowls, floor seating and palm trees.
  • Prices : Click here for Arabian Tent prices
  • Custom Quote: Click here for a personal quote

Arabian Tent Sizes




Geometric shapes and captivating architecture.

What makes a Dome Tent:

Dome Sizes




Back to basics with stunning Mongolian Yurts.

What makes a Yurt:

  • Wooden framework: Interlocking wooden framework and a traditional canvas cover. ¬†
  • Size: Huge¬†range of¬†Yurt diameters¬†catering for all event sizes.
  • Waterproof: Waterproof, fireproof and rot proof canvas ceiling.
  • Prices : Click here for Yurt prices
  • Custom Quote: Click here for a personal quote

Yurt Sizes



Petal Tent

Canvas and scalloped canopy with eye-catching romantic lines. 

What makes a Petal Marquees:

Petal Tent Sizes



Sperry Tent

Canvas and scalloped canopy with eye-catching romantic lines. 

What makes a Sperry Tent:

  • Sailcloth: Manufactured¬†in the¬†US using genuine sailcloth. ¬†
  • Poles: Solid wood traditional support poles.
  • Flags: Signature flags atop each peak.
  • Prices : Click here for Sperry Tent prices

Sperry Tent Sizes