More Bookings & Revenue For The Low Season

We complete the site visit and secure a 30% deposit. You collect the remaining 70% direct from the customer

How it works.

Marquee Company Testimonials

  • Very impressed with the first job received from Marquee Bookings (£4990), the site visit they performed was fine and the guys in the office were very easy to deal with and quick to respond. I would recommend them as they have found me a booking!

    Adrian Rodgers,
    Adrian Rodgers, Devon Party Marquees
  • The ease of securing the booking from you is what makes your service the best. I don’t need to send out initial emails to your leads/customers, I don't need to build & adjust their quotes, when you offer the booking you have done all of that and I just need to accept the booking.

    Tom Brooks
    Tom Brooks Brooks Marquees

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Do you want more bookings for the low season?

You tell us what dates you need more bookings. We speak to customers looking to book for those dates. We deal with the back and forth emails and phone calls. We draw their floor plans, perform a site visit, answer all their questions and update their quotes.

All you have to do is say “yes”, then we secure a 30% booking deposit for that date..

Chris, DJ Marquee (ClearSpans)

We secured him a wedding worth £11,740

Adrian, Devon Party Marquee (Trapeze)

We secured him a wedding worth £4990

Greg, The Wedding Marquee Company (Traditional)

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Co-Founders: Bill & Tim Verwey

Read the story on why Bill started Marquee Booking

I used to put Trapezes up in Devon, I love the industry but hated a few parts of the job, mainly:

  •  Times of the year when you’re sitting on stock
  •  Customers expecting marquees for silly prices.
  •  The time it takes to quote a customer.
  •  Customers receiving quotes, not booking and wasting time.
  •  Doing site visits and not winning the business.

So this is what I did about it. I created which uses clever software and algorithms to quote customers in under 15 seconds, exactly like when you book a flight or hotel online. Our sales team complete a site visit, secures a 30% deposit and sends it directly to your business bank account.

The best bit? We do this specifically for the times of the year when you’re sitting on stock, which every marquee company experiences. So alongside your existing revenue, you’re creating new revenue streams.

We are from the industry, we know how busy you are, so we have made it easy for you.

  • 15-second registration.
  • Less than 5 minutes to go live.
  • We never bombard you with emails.
  • Say yes or no to receive the 30% booking deposit.
We also know this industry can be full of letdowns, so this is what we promise to you:
  • Free to be listed.
  • No monthly or weekly subscription costs.
  • Free to accept or decline any potential bookings.
  • You set your minimum booking value.
  • You set your maximum travel radius.
  • The price we quote is 100% accurate to the price you would have quoted.
  • We only speak to you when we are 80% sure the customer will pay the deposit.
  • All you need to do is say yes or no. is not open to every Marquee Company Nationwide.
There are some companies we wouldn’t wish to work with (I’m sure you know the type). We are looking for reliable and professional suppliers to work with, suppliers who actively want more bookings and a maximum of 10 suppliers per county.

If you think there are times in the low season when you could benefit from 1 – 10 extra bookings, we would love to hear from you. Just hit reply to this email, or click here for more information.

Best regards,

Bill Verwey
020 3884 1397

A micro interview with Greg, from The Wedding Marquee Company

Question. Have you tried similar online services and if so, how do they compare to how we get marquee companies bookings?

Answer. All the other similar services tend to just send us leads and do not have any more input. Marquee bookings is quite unique in that they are more like an event/party planner and are therefore a lot more involved and helpful.

Question. What is the best thing about

Answer. Simplicity. They ask us if we have availability and then the next thing is the marquee is booked. It takes a away a lot of the initial hard work of working out what a client wants.

Question. What are the 3 main benefits of working with

Answer. More Business. Effectively a repeat customer. A booking with little hassle and site visit

Question. Would recommend us to other marquee companies and if so, why?

Answer. Would I recommend you? No way I want you to give me the bookings not my competitors!