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  We’ll help you find the right marquee for the right price. Less time, less hassle, greater savings.

  We’ll give you the information you need about marquee suppliers, completely unbiased.

  We’ll never add commission on top of marquee prices. How do we make money? >

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Make an online enquiry and compare hundreds of marquee hire quotes. Our experts will answer all your questions, draw floor plans and find you the best deal.

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Marquee hire advice & quotes, whatever your budget, type & event. We take away the stress & pressure of finding a marquee for your event.

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The same price as going direct, transparent prices and friendly marquee-experts. We find your marquee, you spend more time doing what you love.

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To make your life easier we have made informative guides for you, feel free to download and share them.

If you want next-level personal service from a marquee expert, who will build you tailored quotes, floor plans & measure your site (for free) – CLICK HERE.





Poppy Reay

This is without a doubt the best place to go if you’re looking to hire a marquee! Tim was really helpful and proactive in finding me the marque that fit all my criteria for a really decent price. View full testimony.




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Ali Pickering

Brilliant! Bill found us exactly what we were after, with all the extra items we wanted – ridiculous amount of fairy lights etc, and worked out quotes of us to compare. All done in just a day or two, and with all the paper work sorted out. Really friendly and great knowledge of the industry to help advise. Can’t recommend them highly enough. View full testimony.

Frequently thought questions

Still have a few things you’d like to clear up? We’ve put together the following simple answers to questions frequently thought, but rarely asked.

How does make money?

We make money, but we don’t make it from you. We make money when we find the marquee companies a new customer. Once we have helped you find your dream marquee, the marquee company confirms they would like the booking and we get paid a small fee from the marquee company.

The fee does not affect the final price you pay. You won’t pay any more or less by booking directly with the marquee company. In fact, some customer get the better deal when booking with us as all of our pricing is transparent so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

How can I trust the prices & the marquee companies you work with?

180+ marquee companies (UK wide) use us to find their new customers. But before a company can join they are first validated by our team of experts. If they have bad reviews they can’t join, if they have cheaply made marquees they can’t join (you don’t want your marquee flying away when it gets windy).

This means we only partner with reliable marquee companies who do an awesome job & will guarantee you have the most amazing marquee on your big day.

Shouldn’t I just buy directly from the marquee company?

Of course, but it can take you weeks finding & emailing each marquee company in your County. Then waiting for the quotes of each marquee company can take even longer! Our bespoke quoting software makes it super easy & fast for you to find, compare & book your dream marquee.

We have years of experience putting marquees up and can help answer all your initial marquee hire questions & concerns. We are completely impartial & will provide you with quotes that suit your event and importantly match your budget.

Can I meet the marquee company before I pay the deposit?

Of course, you can! We organise site visits for customers & the marquee suppliers every day. It’s completely up to you, some customers prefer to meet the marquee company first, to make sure they love the company as well as their marquees.

Other customers are happy not to meet the companies before the put down the deposit. This is because we are 100% transparent and open about the marquee companies we quote for. We will send photos of their previous bookings, show you their reviews & tell you about the Directors.

How do you find the marquee thats perfect for my event?

Finding the perfect marquee for you takes some skill. We like to get as much info as we can about your event. We also like to give you as much info as we can about each type of marquee & their price ranges. This way we can build quotes for marquees which are perfect for your event.

And with your newly learnt marquee knowledge, you get the ultimate choice for the marquee you want. Our mission is to help find your dream marquee, quickly, easily & stress-free, so you get the best deal & more hours in your day to do what you really want to do.

How much does a marquee cost?

This is a tough one to answer, but the 3 main factors which influence marquee hire are… budget, marquee-type/style & event size. Budget is the trickiest, marquees aren’t cheap but some are more affordable than others. If you have a higher budget check out Tipis, Yurts, Mughals & Sail Tents. If you’re somewhere in the middle we recommend Frame Marquees, Traditional Marquees & Petal Marquees. If you’re on a budget, Capris are your best option, but you can get good deals on Frames & Traditional Marquees if you keep the booking simple.

How long does it take to receive quotes?

Instantly! Well… Almost instantly. We keep track on our response times to quote a customer, last month the average time it took for a customer to receive multiple marquee quotes was 5 minutes. Which is pretty amazing really.

Just think, 5 minutes from now, you could have 10 completely unique quotes based on your event, sent straight to your email for you to compare! So what do you want to do? Spend hours searching Google, phoning and emailing individual companies, or would you like to get personalised quotes for the best marque companies in your area in 5 minutes time? You would? Click Here To Get Started.

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You really should read this review:

“Tim was like a breath of fresh air in the wedding arena. It seems like everyone is keen to make lots of money off the back of your day but Tim was really keen to save some. His advice was indispensable and the quotes impressive, super quick and comprehensive. The addition of images and money saving ideas is top notch. Would recommend this service to anyone with common sense or nerves. – SOPHIE LANGLEY

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Why should you speak with a marquee expert?

Firstly, lets be clear: No commission, no fees! How do we make money?

We charge a small advertising fee to the the marquee companies we work with. The price we quote you is no more, or no less than going direct. We never add anything on top of the price you pay. 

We promise you’ll receive:

✓  Unbiased, transparent & fair quotes from local suppliers. Saving you time & money.
✓  Correct marquee sizes, accurate floor plans & site measurement all personalised to your event.
✓  A dedicated team of experts who are ready to help via phone, email, messenger or WhatsApp.
✓  All the above in less than 10 minutes after enquiring. Just think, all your marquee planning & researching done for you, in 10 minutes!

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